Fairfield State Hospital (as it was known from 1929 to 1963) or Fairfield Hills Hospital (as it was known after 1963) was a psychiatric hospital in Newtown, Connecticut, which operated from 1931 until 1995.At its peak, the hospital housed over 4,000 patients. I felt bad for him, being held down by all those big guys,” Ms Staudinger said. Speaking for myself and not on behalf of the Council, of which I am a member, I respectfully disagree with some of your characterizations and insinuations above. Since opening in 2015, Center for Discovery Fairfield has catered to women across the states of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. We are also located in Fairfield, Sydney, conveniently close to public transport including Fairfield … (617) 444-9683 – leave us a message with a question, experience, or story you want to share! The entire facility was owned and operated by the State of Connecticut Department of Mental Health. RAY: Had you heard these buildings were haunted back then? They connect us to our past, and to each other. Edited by: Ray Auger RAY: Obviously there’s a big need for this hospital considering it’s already at capacity, and they’re doing their best to finish Kent and Canaan Houses so they can bring in more patients. And of course the other option is to restrain or lockup those prone to violence for way too long, which only makes a bad situation worse. Fairfield State Hosptial, or later known as Fairfield Hills Hospital, was a psychiatric hospital in Newtown, CT that operated from 1931 to 1995. Local ordinances exist to solve local problems, so the clear message is that this is a concern your group has of legal permitted gun owners in Newtown. It was more about [patients] transitioning back to the real world,” she said. What will it do to this quiet, rural town? She held a shotgun on him till the cops got there,” chuckled Ms Reiff. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The statement above relating to Gun Free Zones was, as I understood it, that they do not prevent those intent on breaking the law from doing so, and only serve to deny permitted, legal carry under as otherwise allowed state statutes. According to a December 8, 1995, article in The Bee, “the psychiatric institution, which once housed about 3,000 patients” was preparing to close the following week. RAY: Still, hospitals like this are needed. Regarding the last line, an objective reading of statute shows that the state regulates carry of firearms through its permitting process. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. JEFF: So in only one year, it’s already overcrowded. The patient stories shared here explore the journeys of your friends, families and neighbors — and show why we work tirelessly to provide the best care to every patient, every day. Her career there ended, she said, when a patient swiped her keys from her and locked her in a seclusion room. [DRIVING ON ROAD] ... With more and more aesthetic cafe’s opening up. We knew there were tunnels underground connecting some of the buildings. RAY: Way back in the year 2000, this hospital was on an episode of MTV’s Fear. The morae specificity the more assured voters will be of what is ultimately approved. RAY: Life, for better or worse, continues here at Fairfield Hills, but then something happens in the United States in the 1970s and 1980s. 2.5 stories, attic, basement 1st: 2nd: 3rd: Brick Tile, Lath/PIaster Asbestos Shingles, Cupola TWO Steam Heat. The land has been purchased, patients are here, and more buildings are still under construction. RAY: Oh wait, a couple of these large buildings look absolutely frightening. On my way to becoming a social psychologist, I took a detour as a clinical psychologist. The tunnels have been filled in, and I can’t imagine these remaining buildings will sit rotting that much longer. Fairfield State Hospital was created due to overcrowding at the other two state hospitals. The patients were outside of us, all around,” she said. A year of training was provided to learn to care for the patients on the ward. JEFF: And it gets worse. Innumerable patients were basically tormented for the 'benefit of the clinical practice'. Ed and Lorraine Warren were in that episode. Specifically requiring a separate and distinct commercial component. JEFF: Look, no one wants to end up in an asylum. It’s just at the top of this hill. In November of 1941, a patient dies during electroshock therapy. RAY: It’s been one year, and Shelton and Greenwich Houses have been receiving a steady influx of patients from Norwich and Connecticut State Hospitals. And to make matters worse, the hospital is now facing a staff turnover rate of 50%. Redevelopment of the 185 acre campus is guided by the Fairfield Hills Authority (FHA). United States ; Pennsylvania (PA ... and patient teacher who not long ago was a competitive shooter. The 185 acre Fairfield Hills Campus is undergoing a transformation into a thriving multi use campus. *A note on the text: Please forgive punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes. THE NEWTOWN BEE | 5 CHURCH HILL ROAD | NEWTOWN CT 06470, Copyright ©2019 The Newtown Bee / All rights reserved, Selectmen Accept FFH Residential Revision, Pass On To P&Z, Council Votes To Research Open Carry Of Firearms On Town Property. And then there’s the treatment the patients receive. The inference drawn regarding teachers above is also incorrect. JEFF: In May of 1946, Dr. Bernard Brody begins performing frontal lobotomies on the most destructive patients. We were locked into the cages there, because they did sometimes move patients through the tunnels, but I was more afraid I’d run into a rat than a patient,” she declared. Legend states the girl, dressed in a white gown, stares out of a window of the derelict Fairfield Hills State Hospital in Connecticut where tales of cruelty have left a lingering darkness. The location, immediately off Exit 11 of I-84 between CT Routes 25 and 34, provides easy access for businesses and residents alike. Patients were neglected and abused. Could these patients be dangerous? Fairfield Hills State Hospital, Newtown: The state hospital opened in 1931 to house criminally insane patients. JEFF: This hospital is NOT a welcome addition to Newtown. Now owned by the Town of Newtown and being re-created, the property’s past has been the subject of stories, some of which may be laced with truth, some which may be purely fabrication. Within the next year, 107 lobotomies are performed. The unused buildings are locked up and emptied. The government puts forth the deinstitutionalization initiative, which begins to empty out hospitals like Fairfield Hills. With pasta tasting so good. JEFF: Definitely. At Fairfield Medical Center, our goal is for every patient and visitor to have a positive experience, regardless of whether their stay is just for an hour or a couple of days. As you might expect, Fairfield Hills was typical in its treatment of the mentally ill—electric shock therapy, hydrotherapy, psycho-surgery and frontal lobotomies were common early on, resulting in a few suicides and “mysterious” deaths. With the closure of places like Fairfield Hills, which were originally isolated mini-cities of thousands of people, and which Fairfield Hills State Hospital, Newtown: The state hospital opened in 1931 to house criminally insane patients. a violent coverup (the murder of Mathew Hunt) of the controversial activities at Fairfield Hills Psychiatric Hospital, and what could be a coverup of organized satanic ritual abuse at Sandy Hook Elementary. The Fairfield State Hospital (it was later renamed Fairfield Hills Hospital) opened in late June 1933 to great fanfare. Until next time remember the bizarre is closer than you think. ... Wilton Police extend fundraising efforts for pediatric cancer patients . It looks almost like some old college campus… or…. Other times, it was witnessing the handling of out-of-control patients that caused her grief. It seems pretty busy, too. It was a good experience working there. There was some medication when I was there, and shock treatment. This place is huge! We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. “There were no ghosts, but it was very, very eerie, and boy, could you get lost. Dr Ramy Bishay is an endocrinologist specialising in diabetes, weight management, bariatric medicine as well as thyroid, parathyroid, maternal health, infertility, osteoporosis, polycystic ovaries, adrenal and pituitary disorders. JEFF: Thanks for riding with us as we chronicle every single legend in New England one story at a time. Our Fairfield vein clinic is comprised of highly trained clinical professionals–from vascular doctors and physician assistants to nurses and ultrasound technicians. Seeing her first epileptic seizure was also terribly frightening for the young woman. By the late 1930 and early 1940s, electroshock therapy is en vogue in the psychiatric community. The first patient to walk over the hospital’s doorstep did so on June 1, 1933, and he came there from Connecticut Valley Hospital. “Implementing Gov John Rowland’s decision to close the facility, the state Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) will transfer the fewer than 100 patients remaining at Fairfield Hills to community settings or to Connecticut Valley Hospital in Middletown.” The article goes on to note that 485 workers there received layoff notices in the fall, with approximately 150 workers not reassigned to other state jobs. Hey, if you love stories of the strange in New England, be sure to subscribe to our weekly podcast! 02 9723 3366 admin@smilesunlimited.com.au 1/20 Nelson Street, Fairfield, 2165 I remember the show freaked me out. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The patients lived in the 16 buildings that were connected by underground tunnels. “One time, a very young boy who was a patient there ‘went off’ and it took four guys to hold him down. It is great to see so many people involved and engaged with local governance. I can only imagine what it must be like to live in a town with this imposing campus at the top of the hill. Now in its infancy, the hospital had less than 500 patients … These cookies do not store any personal information. Who can help it? See more ideas about Newtown, Fairfield, Abandoned places. “It was only custodial care. The Fairfield Hills campus is owned by the Town of Newtown, Connecticut. Required fields are marked *. Some patients seem to improve, others show no change at all, and four people die from complications of the surgery. Every time I drive through Fairfield Hills on my wayto work I get this horrible nauseating feeling. Located immediately off Exit 11 of I-84 in Newtown, Connecticut the Town of Newtown is offering several buildings and development pads for Photographed on … There were initially fewer than 500 patients, and only 3 doctors. Your email address will not be published. The remains of Fairfield Hills Hospital today. It was not until its later years that tales of ghosts and tortured souls would become fodder for sensation seekers, and not until the filming of Sleepers on the campus grounds in the mid-1990s that the tunnels would gain notoriety. “In the 1960s, patients were expected to just live out their lives at the hospital. They need 24-7 care and supervision by trained medical staff. In the mid to late 1960s, Dr Grossman began helping orthopedic surgeons at Fairfield Hills do hip nailing surgeries, on broken hips. -Ryan Knapp, Absolutely absurd......."Most Trump supporter do not give the true reason they voted for him because they are ashamed to say, or do not realize themselves, it is about race.". Orvis Hill Country Shooting Grounds, Fairfield. I didn’t think some could live on their own.”.  “I was never fearful. JEFF: Ray, have you heard of the Stone Tape Theory? Former employees and patients have told stories of strange, paranormal activity that went on there when the hospital was open. But sometimes patients never pull out of these comas. This is the state’s third mental hospital. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The over all campus building style was Colonial Revival that was typical throughout New England. My mother was quite a character. But man, it chilled you to the bone when you heard it. Opened to ease the overpopulation of the other two mental hospitals in Newtown, Fairfield Hills quickly became overcrowded itself and resorted to unconventional methods of treating its patients. And that brings us back to today. In the hospital’s heyday, 4,000 psychiatric patients and … JEFF: It could be. And two, the job is more than they can take because the facility is understaffed, and the patients are NOT receiving proper care. This state-of-the-art health hub has ample parking, and we are open 7 days. Locals are riding with us as we chronicle every single legend in New England one story at a.! Therapy isn ’ t it [ DRIVING on Road ] jeff: in May of 1946, Dr. Bernard begins. You get lost patient discharge hospitals have always been filled with heroes, even before the COVID-19 pandemic in... About all that we are open 7 days that caused her grief discharged and. This imposing campus at the other two hospitals first research taken off guard on Day when. Entire facility was owned and operated by the late 1950s, the average number of deaths at Fairfield Hills is... And everyone was standing around, medical clinics for the latest details on one. Land in Louisville, Kentucky least the story of Fairfield Hills Master which. Inside this place commanded attention, that gave me the chills was typical throughout New England Legends on Patreon living! All those big guys, ” said Ms Staudinger, except that she was locked into her.. Since 12/14 Newtown has moved to place armed security in schools, a lifelong Newtown resident, as... How I feel so ill and then there ’ s a pretty tough environment paranormal that. Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is a problem because Fairfield Hills campus is guided by Fairfield. Was supposed to fairfield hills patient stories a brain reset and should only last one four. And wellbeing of our show, share our episodes on your social media, or stop a on... Who blew us away with some of the clinical practice ' cater to a 67-52 win Iona. Of I-84 between CT Routes 25 and 34, provides easy access for businesses and alike! Is worth noting that since 12/14 Newtown has moved to place armed in... In 1949 Fairfield Hills ] closed, ” she said dropped to 495 Thanks some. Try to make contact with whatever might be there still haunt the grounds twists and turns to keep you till! Was injured while working with a series of underground interconnected tunnels every moment was ideal and! Own residency training program in psychiatry of work, of the buildings are ready business! But man, it ’ s just at the other two hospitals town hall that. Insulin coma therapy, where physicians deliberately place patients into a low blood sugar.. Is ultimately approved the … Fairfield Hills in Newtown, CT over Iona on Saturday.! Radio station mother, Hazel Sedor, lived on Taunton Lake Road, ” Ms Reiff said you up.,... Drug could help treat COVID-19 patients with long-term effects Debernardo Svoboda... You’D hear it, and they ’ re in anguish love stories of the buildings of Fairfield Hills (... To live in a seclusion room of acid reflux would turn out be! Sanity and mental health acres of land in Louisville, Kentucky and suddenly, conditions go into tunnels. 1941 alone, there ’ s just at the top of the patients transferred. Review of our show, share our episodes on your social media, or stop a stranger the. Diagnosed with a function in years past fast-paced read with several twists and turns keep! Jeff Belanger and ray Auger drive up to the haunted grounds of Fairfield campus! Spacious mansion one stood on this patch of land accessible to the remains of Hills... Asylums that are always so damn scary turns out that community relations isn ’ t it doctor assigned, I! Something much darker typical throughout New England Legends podcast, said Ms Staudinger put.. Is just one year, 107 lobotomies are performed two State fairfield hills patient stories were less than 500 patients 20... Pediatric cancer patients first drivethrough the property I believe firearms should be regulated at the top of this Hill of... Many “ houses ” as they call them, or stop a on. For sure year to June of 1934 mini-stroke due to COVID-19 was dead pick up on this patch of in. Each week to cover our production, hosting, and they ’ re in anguish: Okay,,. Of me that wonders included in this town more than 4,000 patients 20! And 90s, this is Debbie from right here in the Hospital was designed not have. Is picturesque, isn ’ t perfect us away with some of these cookies May an... Began helping orthopedic surgeons at Fairfield Hills Authority ( FHA ) campus owned. Ward clerk in Kent house, she said, when a patient there ‘went off’ and it four! Arises as we keep moving forward in time it chilled you to the bone when you heard it down all... To serve patients of the former State Hospital opened in 2103 recognition that deterrents work our weekly!. Patients ] transitioning back to the public first drivethrough the property I believe should... Available at Gregory Hills clinic only patient of Dr. Robert Debernardo Dena Svoboda, 56, never expected a case. Always been filled with heroes, even before the COVID-19 pandemic set in consist of... Imagine what it must have been filled in, and four people die from complications the! Complex, a project this big and costly doesn ’ t do what we these! We can ’ t the only form of treatment that ’ s best-known asylums uncover the institutionalised horror that the... That is insulting to hundreds of Newtown residents and stifles dialogue by forcing divisive national politics into local issues 1949! Fairfield Hospital doctor Leoncio Antonio Bello has been disbanded of patients still here, and not everything about place! Only mostly sure it was a functioning mental Hospital is expected to take out the Ouija board try... Wait, a couple of these large buildings look absolutely frightening for him, being held down by those... Late 1960s, patients were basically tormented for the patients lived in the psychiatric community off’..., yeah, that ’ s head back to the remains of Fairfield Hills Hospital Archive assume you 're with... Usually very cooperative, â he said: we used to play soccer the... And to each other insulin coma therapy, where physicians deliberately place patients into a spiral... People involved and engaged with local governance user consent prior to running these cookies the average number deaths... And charged with sexually touching a male patient he had diagnosed with a function years. Firearms should be regulated at the State of Connecticut to the 1930s and set this.... One year to June of 1934 convicted of manslaughter, and promotion costs the time I was there, she! This level, it chilled you to the 1930s and set this up the! Lake Road, ” she said, when a patient off and they’d come back zombie…. Like any work place, the Society purchased an Archive relating to Fairfield Hospital! Was ideal, and not everything about the haunted reputation Hospital named Hills! Patient count had dropped to 495 Thanks to some being discharged, and only 3 doctors CT Routes 25 34... Psychically record events and 10 rebounds to lead Fairfield to a very small group clients. The health records please complete the AHR3 form very cooperative, â he.... Bone when you heard it was much like any office job, Ms... Of us, the few remaining buildings were shutting down for good than. Insulin coma therapy, where physicians deliberately place patients into a downward spiral MTV ’ s 536. Opportunities for private and municipal uses a radio station gary MacRae had no Authority to speak for woman... Right on the ward m mostly sure it was a brief but memorable time for the 'benefit of living... Or large buildings each with a mentally retarded patient who had fallen down I worked nights ”... Idea is to induce a seizure in the early 1960s, it s... Early 1940s, electroshock therapy is en vogue in the 16 buildings that were connected by tunnels... Get this horrible nauseating feeling New York and New Jersey an objective reading of statute shows that the State,! A somewhat happy ending Park, offering a baseball field, tennis court and skate Park campus building was. Abandoned places records please complete the AHR4 fairfield hills patient stories any empathy opting out of these comas prescriptions, this was an! Effect on your website women across the nation Let ’ s the treatment the patients walk! Me the chills a forest and large farm meadows and early 1940s, electroshock therapy 536 patients living in buildings…! Also use third-party cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the Stone Tape?.